Problem / Coinstar needed an updated site, a better interface, and needed to solve how people find a kiosk close to them.

Industry / Retail

Role / UX Design, Interaction Design, Website Design


That change you toss in a jar? Coinstar kiosks turn it into cash, eGift Cards for popular brands, and charitable donations.


Thoughts from our side / People love Coinstar kiosks. They help take the change from your couch and turn it into your utility bill. They turn your change into an Amazon Gift Card. The problem is, not a lot of people know they are out there. And the ones that do, don't know where they are, or the full capabilities of them.

So Coinstar came to us. To refresh how you think of Coinstar, and create a smooth and unified experience across their digital footprint.


Asking the "Why."

Coinstar wanted needed a facelift. It wasn't just about making a pretty site. They had some underlying UX problems in how people could find their kiosks and teach the general public about their brand. That's where I came in.

I worked to give Coinstar a relatable and engaging voice, while also a smooth and easy to understand online experience.

The biggest problem to solve was their 'Find a Kiosk' section, which needed some massaging.






Established patterns

The tallest task was updating the Find A Kiosk section of Coinstar's website. Relying heavily on known and established patters, we created a nice experience with robust advanced filtering features. 

I performed task-based user testing to ensure end users could properly navigate around the experience without labor.



Scalable design

Creating a site with scalable templates was a business goal of Coinstars. They have a great marketing team that wanted to be able to take templates and create new pages as they grow. 

I created 8 page layouts, developed in wordpress, with a modular layout. Once again, creating a small design system that could be handed off to the team to further build upon was key.

By doing this, we created consistent, modular, patterned-based library to inform and engage users. Keep it simple, keep it clean. Your users will appreciate it.


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