Ibotta: Design and experience overhaul.

Ibotta: Design & experience overhaul.

During my tenure at Ibotta, I had the opportunity to lead a project in redesigning the mobile experience. My role as a Product Designer involved redesigning the app's home screen and first-user experience, that directly influenced user satisfaction and engagement. This undertaking was a testament to user-centric design, teamwork, and innovation, aiming to improve the app's usability and aesthetics to enhance the overall experience. 















Ibotta's Mobile App: Overview

Over the past 2+ years, I have worked in many different capacities creating new products, improving the experience and implementing a design system from the ground up for Ibotta's mobile app. 

Some of the squads I worked on help improve the experience throughout the app for new users specifically, while also working on a team of talented Product Designers, UX writers, and UX research.


The Old App

Coming into Ibotta in 2019, the app was visually outdated and experience-wise, had a ton of gaps to fill. We used an opportunity for our 2020 rebrand to implement Pando, our brand-new design system, while refining some of the experience overall throughout the customer journey. (See more about Pando here.)

What I worked on

As a Staff Product Designer at Ibotta, I played a pivotal role in transforming the mobile and web experience by focusing on three key pillars: simplification, brand rejuvenation, and scalability.

By streamlining the user interface and enhancing user flows, I ensured a more intuitive and seamless experience for Ibotta's diverse user base. Injecting life into the brand involved refreshing the visual identity, employing vibrant design elements, and maintaining consistency across platforms.

Additionally, I contributed significantly to the development of a robust design system, fostering scalability and flexibility for future updates while adhering to the newly established design guidelines. This holistic approach not only elevated the overall user experience but also positioned Ibotta for sustained growth and innovation in the competitive market.