Problem / WOW! came to us seeking more than just a new website. They wanted to invigorate the masses by offering a new way to purchase services online. 

Industry / Telecom

Role / Illustration, UX Design, Interaction Design


Wide Open West is the sixth largest cable operator in the United States. The company offers landline telephone, Cable Television, and broadband Internet services. As of November 13, 2017, WOW! has about 776,400 subscribers.


We were thinking / Something as mundane and frustrating as buying internet and tv services online begged the question: Does it have to be this way?

We have come to know that one of the most frustrating things about moving to a new apartment, closing on a new home, or simply helping your parents find a cheaper bundle is hard. It's a tedious task. You need internet. You need your Parks and Rec reruns. So I went into this project looking to shake things up.


Data-driven decisions

WOW! approached us with the intention of changing the way someone would purchase cable/internet/phone online and use extensive, data-driven approaches to the UX of their website. We went through a complete Design thinking-based strategy from discovery, through interviews and testing, to build and implementation.

Starting with SME interviews, and into user testing, we used WOW's business goals and  data to create and craft a new experience and change their online presence and voice.



Changing the norm

We looked at how the industry and competitors sold these services. Starting with sketching & whiteboarding with our team, we came up with some inline messaging to help hand hold users through the purchase flow.

I wanted  to help solve the problem of decision paralysis for users who were used to being pigeonholed into picking a bundle they weren't sure was right for them. 

To help with that, I asked WOW! if we could be completely transparent and change the tone and voice of the buy flow. Also worked on some custom illustration and iconography to feel a bit more welcoming. Through testing, I would learn and react to what real users would say, and adjust experience and UI treatments accordingly. 

photos by Evan Semón Photography evan.semon@gmail.com720-620-6767


Establishing the feel

After establishing the experience through sketching, wireframing, and low-fidelity prototyping, I created an intricate design system using many different tools. Sketch for interface design, InVision for prototyping, Lingo for asset collection, and Zeplin for redlining/handoff/development tasks.

Creating the system helped keep a centralized, single-source-of-truth for not only other designers on the team, but for WOW!'s internal team to use, expand, and scale.

The system allowed the team and I to focus on the complex end user problems, instead of pushing pixels around.

After all was said and done, I had created over 100+ screens, with custom illustrations and icons, solved many different geolocation problems, and created a scalable library for WOW!'s marketing team.