Chris Knutson

:: I'm a product designer and a recovering Mountain Dew addict. Born in Seattle, then to Minnesota, off to Omaha, and now here in sunny Denver, CO. My passion is creating digital products that help improve people's lives.


I've worked in many different industries as a designer. From sports, to banking, real estate, agencies & in-house. I pride myself in my experience across these industries and working in all mediums. It's kinda my thing.

My mission

It's important to me to do work that matters and has impact. I don't work to collect paychecks, I work to improve the way things are, whether that be for teams, customers or businesses.

How I work

1. Passionate doer

• I like to get things done

• Approach problems methodically and systematically

• Collaboration is key to working well

2. Systems thinker

• Understand products within the larger context of the systems they interact with

• Dissect problems into manageable components

• Understand how a product fits into lives, routines

3. Empathetic designer

• Creating products that truly meet users needs

• Sparking creative solutions, pushing the boundaries of design and problem-solving

• Foster effective teamwork and communication, leading to better design outcomes

Where I'm from

I was born in Seattle, lived in Minneapolis, then off to Omaha, and have been here in sunny Denver, Colorado for the past 10 years.

Things I like: 
Riding on my 50cc scooter, playing basketball and baseball, drinking a cold beer on a sunny patio, skiing, hiking, biking, DJ'ing on some random weekends, traveling to random U.S. cities, playing acoustic guitar for my partner, Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Medium Point (0.7mm) pens, sh*tty movie podcasts, good history podcasts, Tottenham Hotspur and the Denver Nuggets.

Let's work together. Say hi sometime.

Let's work together. Say hi sometime.

Let's work together. Say hi sometime.